BMC® PLA Tow for Cigarette Filters

BMC® PLA Tow for Cigarette Filters

BMC® PLA Tow for Cigarette Filters  is a product specifically designed for cigarette filters. It is made from polylactic acid (PLA) fiber, offering excellent filtration performance and environmental benefits. Compared to traditional filter materials, PLA Tow effectively captures and adsorbs harmful substances and particles in tobacco smoke. Its high strength and durability ensure the stability and longevity of the filter. Additionally, PLA Tow is a biodegradable material that meets environmental requirements, reducing negative impacts on the environment. We provide customized PLA Tow products to meet specific customer needs for fiber shape, size, and filtration efficiency. BMC® PLA Tow for Cigarette Filters not only delivers outstanding filtration performance but also offers a sustainable and environmentally-friendly solution for the tobacco industry.

Product Name:PLA Tow for Cigarette Filter

Material:Biodegradable 100% Polylactic Acid


Application: It can replace tow materials such as diacetic acid and PP

Color:Natural White

PLA Tow  VS  Acetate Tow

Adsorption index of harmful components in cigarettes

IndexCellulose acetatePLA filterUnit
carbon monoxide14.7014.9mg/pc
hydrogen cyanide175.7194.5μg/pc

Adsorption index of carbonyl compound(mg/pc)

Index Cellulose acetate filterPLA filter
butyric aldehyde29.225.9

More competitive pricing

Compared to acetic acid tow, PLA tow has a more abundant supply and lower price.


Complete biodegradability

Cigarette butts made from PLA tow can completely biodegrade in just three months even when discarded in soil, posing no risk of white pollution.


Higher safety

PLA material is an environmentally friendly polymer derived from corn, cassava, and sugarcane. It was originally used for wound sutures, which can be absorbed by the human body without the need for removal. Therefore, the material itself has a very high level of safety.


Flame retardancy

PLA tow has flame retardant properties, which can reduce the fire hazards caused by littered cigarette butts.


Better filtration effectiveness

PLA filters have a significant chemical affinity for carbonyl compounds in cigarette smoke, effectively intercepting harmful substances such as formaldehyde, acrolein, and crotonaldehyde. The interception efficiency is over 20% higher than that of acetic acid filters. Additionally, PLA filters also have an interception effect on nicotine, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, benzo[a]pyrene, N-nitrosamines, and other harmful substances in cigarette smoke, with an interception efficiency approximately 10% higher than that of acetic acid filters.

presentation of BMC® PLA Tow for Cigarette Filters

BMC® PLA Tow for Cigarette Filters

BMC® is the largest manufacturer of polylactic acid (PLA) fiber materials in China, specializing in PLA fiber and PLA tow. Our technology is patented. We proudly manufacture BMC® Pla tow in China using non-GMO sugar cane, corn, and other organic materials. Our compostable BMC® Pla tow meets the biobased material standards and can decompose within 14 to 21 days or even shorter. Our dry manufacturing process ensures no water waste or contamination. Rest assured, there are no additives, bleach, or carcinogens present in BMC® material.

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Why Polylactic Acid Tow

Complete Customize Solution


BMC® PLA Tow is made from biodegradable polylactic acid (PLA) fibers. Compared to traditional synthetic fibers, it has better decomposition properties in the environment, reducing its impact on the environment.

Renewable resources

BMC® PLA Tow is derived from renewable plant resources such as corn starch. It has a lower carbon footprint and environmental impact compared to petroleum-based fibers.

Excellent filtration performance

BMC® PLA Tow have high porosity and surface area, effectively capturing and adsorbing harmful substances and particles in tobacco smoke. It helps reduce the levels of tar, nicotine, and other harmful substances in tobacco smoke.

Odorless and low volatility

BMC® PLA Tow is free from harmful chemicals or volatile substances, unlike traditional synthetic fibers. This allows it to avoid releasing unpleasant odors and provide a purer and fresher smoking experience. Additionally, PLA Tow emits fewer gases during use due to its low volatility and stability, which reduces adverse impacts on air quality and potential risks to human health and the environment.

High customization

BMC® PLA Tow can be customized for different characteristics of cigarette filters by adjusting parameters such as fiber density, length, and diameter. This includes regulating the resistance, adsorption performance, and smoke purification effect of the filter. This tunability allows PLA Tow to meet the specific requirements of different smokers in terms of filter performance.

Excellent Strength and Durability

BMC® PLA Tow’s excellent strength and durability stem from its molecular structure and processing techniques. It possesses high crystallinity and strong intermolecular bonding, allowing for effective stress transfer and load dispersion. Special processing techniques such as stretching and thermal setting further enhance its performance.As a result, BMC® PLA Tow exhibits high tensile strength, wear resistance, and long-term stability.

Product Details

Waterless & Additive-free

The manufacturing process is Melt spinning, ensuring no water waste or contamination. No additives, bleach, or carcinogens are present in the BMC® material.

High customization

BMC® PLA Tow can be customized for different characteristics of cigarette filters by adjusting parameters such as fiber density, length, and diameter.

Industry-leading standards

BMC® participated as one of the drafting units in the formulation of the Chinese National Standard T/CNTAC 87-2021 “Poly Lactic Acid Fiber and Cotton Blended Yarn.

High Quality Filter Materials

BMC® PLA Tow for Cigarette Filters was developed for smokers who prefer the convenience of a filter. This biodegradable filter material ensures full taste neutrality and delivers an exceptional smoking experience.

Why Choose BMC® PLA Tow for Cigarette Filters

At BMC, we are proud to lead the way in providing sustainable and eco-friendly business solutions. With our extensive experience in the industry, we understand the importance of sustainability and the demand for environmentally friendly products. We offer a wide range of options, including PLA tow for Cigarette Filters that can biodegrade and be composted, as well as items that can be recycled. We also tailor our offerings to meet your specific needs. Our dedicated team of professionals is always available to answer your questions and guide you through the process, ensuring excellent customer service.

Leader in PLA fiber materials

BMC® is the largest manufacturer of polylactic acid (PLA) fiber materials in China, specializing in PLA fiber and PLA tow. Our technology is patented.We have direct control over the production process of our products and strictly adhere to quality assurance measures. This allows us to ensure consistency and high quality in our products, meeting your requirements.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing without compromising on product quality, thanks to our efficient production processes and meticulous quality control measures.

Flexible customization capability

Our physical factory allows us to engage in customized production according to your needs. We can develop production plans based on your specifications, designs, and requirements, ensuring timely delivery of the products.

Factory Footage

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Yes! They are usually considered safe because they do not contain dangerous chemicals like standard plastic tea bags.

Yes, it is made from renewable resources such as maize starch, sugarcane, and cassava roots. Once they are placed in your green bin, they will naturally decompose.

No, BMC® PLA Tow for Cigarette Filters has low volatility and no odor, providing a cleaner and purer smoking experience.

Certainly! We offer product customization services to cater to individual requirements and preferences. Whether it’s modifying the , or any other aspect, we can collaborate with you to create a personalized solution. Kindly share your specific requirements with us, and our team will gladly assist you throughout the customization process.

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The Minimum order is depends on whether customization is required. The general minimum order requirement is 250 kilograms.

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